Why Choose TCS AC & Heating for Your AC System Needs?


You may have come across our page because you searched for “AC companies near me” in Google. We are TCS AC & Heating, and we offer installation and repair services for HVAC and air-con systems in Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis areas in Texas.

Before you decide to pick an AC service company, hear us out. Today, we’d like to show you why you should hire us over other companies for your air-con installation and air conditioning repair service needs.

Why Choose TCS AC & Heating for Your AC System Needs?

We are local and known

We are not a national chain of air-con repair service. As such, we know the exact weather conditions of the areas that we service, and the most common problems that happen to HVAC systems in Texas.

We know the locals, and we have built a relationship with our clients who we service regularly. This is important, as one of your friends may already have been serviced by us. In that case, just ask around and find out what level of quality we offer.

As a local company, you are helping local families thrive and live a good life. Add to that the fact that our services are less costly than national air-con repair chains.

We are quick and highly experienced

We have over a decade of cumulative experience between our service repair personnel. We have dealt with all sorts of AC problems in the past-from repair to installation and replacement— and we can quickly diagnose the issue.

At TCS AC & Heating, we understand that the right diagnosis is the first step to solving your air-con problems. A wring diagnosis can cost you money, and we do not like this to happen.

Without proper diagnosis, the air conditioning repair service is not going to work, and you end up suffering the heat and humidity of our weather conditions.

With quick diagnosis, we can immediately let you know what needs to be one, or if a replacement part is necessary. If the AC system can be fixed without replacement, then we will do it right away, and you can expect your HVAC system to work right away.

We are licensed and certified

We are licensed by the Government of Texas. What this means is that our technicians are certified and they know how to handle cleaning chemicals and refrigerants. They are qualified to dismantle your AC and clean it, with no harm done to the environment.

As qualified and certified technicians, we also cover a wide range of air conditioning repair service according to brand names and types. We install and repair split-type, window-type, and even air ducts.

We have the experience and the license to fix AC systems for both residential and commercial properties. We can assure you that we will fix your AC system and get it back to working condition in the least amount of time possible.


At TCS AC & Heating, we are confident and we can prove that we can deliver the services you need at an affordable cost. Our licensed technicians have the appropriate experience to diagnose, repair, and install your AC system, no matter how big or small it is.

We cover a wide range of brands, and we service both residential and commercial areas. Give us a call and let us know what you need, and our helpful and friendly representatives will schedule a visit.

Our technicians will give you a fair assessment of what the issue is, and do the repair right there and then if no replacement is necessary.

If you have any AC issue in Conroe, Montgomery, or Willis, let us know and we will be there.