Trane 2/4 TFE Air Handler

Trane 2/4 TFE Air Handler

Trane 2/4 TFE Air Handler

The Trane 2/4 TFE variable speed air handler features a variable speed indoor blower motor with Comfort-R.

This Trane system will adjust fan speed to reduce energy consumption and provide even comfort. Greater humidity control with the Trane 2/4 TFE means greater comfort.

The no-leak drain pan of this Trane system is corrosion-resistant and fully sloped to avoid dirty standing water from compromising air quality. An Air-Tite insulated cabinet protects against heating and cooling loss of this Trane system.

  • Comfort-R Humidity Control
  • Variable speed indoor blower motor
  • No-leak drain pan
  • Air-Tite insulated cabinet
  • Fully gasketed door
  • Recessed screws
  • Corrosion resistant finish

Trane 2/4 TFE Compact Air Handlers

The Trane 2/4 TFE’s fully-gasketed door reduces air leaks and improves the efficiency of the Trane 2/4 TFE. Recessed screws used with this Trane system avoid snagging walls during installation. Meanwhile, the Trane 2/4 TFE’s corrosion-resistant finish protects the panels from corrosion, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of the Trane 2/4 TFE.

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