Common Furnace Problems

In Conroe, TX, you want to have your furnace inspected on a regular basis. You may have a problem with your furnace that you don't know is there. It is important to check your furnace before the winter months said in because this is when you're going to be using the furnace the most. Here are some common problems that a technician can diagnose when inspecting your furnace system.

Bad Air Filter

One of the most common furnace problems is a bad air filter. Over time, the filter can get clogged, and it won't work properly. It will have to be changed, so your furnace works at high efficiency. If you don't inspect the furnace, you're not going to know that your filter has a problem and needs to be changed. The inspector can diagnose if you have a bad filter and change it for you. When the dust builds up in a filter you get a reduction in the airflow throughout the system. This may cause your furnace to shut off when it should be running to heat the home. It is recommended that you have a filter change a couple of times per year. This will depend upon the filter that your furnace is using and the system itself.

Common Furnace Problems

Thermostat Issues

You may have a problem with the furnace thermostat. If you're using a newer thermostat, such as a digital one, you may have an issue with the settings. An older one may have broken parts inside that you don't know about. A technician can look at your thermostat and diagnose any problems with it. If it needs new parts, these can be replaced, or the entire thermostat can be replaced.

Burner Needs Cleaning

The burner for your furnace may need to be cleaned. The ignition system might work properly, but the burner itself doesn't light. This means that you might not get any heat, or it will heat with poor efficiency which raises your heating bills. The technician can look inside the furnace and adjust the burner or clean it. This is not a job that you can do it yourself, so you will need a technician to come and look at your furnace. You might cause a gas leak if you try this on your own. Call a technician, and they can come and look at the burner to ensure that it is working properly.

Belt or Blower issue

The blower or the belt of the furnace sometimes has a problem. If your furnace is making a lot of noise, this might That the blower or the belt is not working properly. A technician can come and diagnose this problem and fix it for you. In some cases, a little bit of lubrication is needed to get these parts working efficiently. If the parts are worn out, they will need to be replaced. You may not know that you have this issue, so the furnace should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure parts such as the blower in the belt or working as intended.


These are just some of the issues you can have with your furnace system. Schedule a regular maintenance check on your furnace before the winter months. You want your furnace to be working at high efficiency for the winter. You will save money and costly repair bills if you have your furnace regularly inspected to catch these problems before they cause an issue with your system.